30.08-03.09.2024 Prishtina

FOTOIST - International Photography Festival (Edition 2)

30.08-03.09.2024 Prishtinë

FOTOIST - International Photography Festival - 2

Exhibition: THE SIEGE OF SARAJEVO by Paul Lowe / 25.08.23 / 19:00 / Sheshi Zahir Pajaziti

Photo: Paul Lowe/VII Photo

Exhibition: THE SIEGE OF SARAJEVO by Paul Lowe

Prishtina – August 25th, 2023
The photographs of the series “The Siege of Sarajevo” by photographer Paul Lowe testify to the terrible daily life of the citizens of Sarajevo, but also to the spirit of resistance. The siege of Sarajevo, the longest siege of a capital in modern history, began in April 1992 and ended in February 1996. The aftermath of the siege is: more than 10,000 killed, over 60,000 wounded and over 500 children killed. Every fifth citizen of Sarajevo was in danger of snipers or some other weapons.

“When I look at these photographs at my archive, it is hard for me to understand what we have all experienced back then. I think it is very important for the generation of today, for those who will come, but also for the older people not to forget what happened in the past and not to allow that to happen in the future,” 

Exhibition: "IMAGINE: Reflections on Peace" / 25.08.23 / 20:00 /
Barabar Centre - Grand 4th Floor /

Photo: Ron Haviv. A woman mourns at the grave of a family member killed during 1995 genocide in Srebrenica.

Photo: Ron Haviv. A woman mourns at the grave of a family member killed during 1995 genocide in Srebrenica. 

Exhibition: IMAGINE: Reflections on Peace

On 25.08.2023 FOTOIST will host the photography exhibition – “IMAGINE: Reflections on Peace”, a multimedia exhibition that explores the themes and challenges of peace-building through a comprehensive look at societies that suffered and survived violent conflicts. The exhibition showcases bodies of work from photographers whose lives have been dedicated to covering the war and its aftermath such as:
• Ron Haviv
• Gary Knight
• Gilles Peress
• Stephen Ferry
• Don McCullin
• Nichole Sobecki
• Jack Picone
• Roland Neveu
• Nicole Tung
Using historical photos, texts, video profiles and interactive opportunities, the Imagine exhibition brings visitors face to face with the realities of violent conflict and asks the question: “Why is it so hard to make a good peace when it’s so easy to imagine?”

Exhibition: "Her Take: (Re)Thinking Masculinity" / 25.08.23 / 20:00 /
Barabar Centre - Grand 4th Floor /

EXHIBITION – “Her Take: (Re)Thinking Masculinity”

FOTOIST this year, I will display an exclusive exhibition by seven VII’s female photographers:
• Anush Babajanyan
• Jessica Dimmock
• Linda Bourne Engelberth
• Ilvy Njiokiktjien
• Nichole Sobecki
• Maggie Steber
• Sarah Terry
“Her Take: (Re)Thinking Masculinity” is a continuation of the conversation started by VII’s seven female photographers when they first met nearly a year ago after Group VII voted for six new female members. The exhibition is made up of seven separate projects, each exploring the topic of masculinity. The exhibition is a reflection of their commitment, with the agency’s support, to help advance inclusive conversations about gender, power and representation.

Exhibition: "THE HOLLOW OF THE HAND " by Seamus Murphy & P.J. Harvey / 26.08.23 / 19:00 / Kosova National Museum /

EXHIBITION – “THE HOLLOW OF THE HAND” – P.J. Harvey and Seamus Murphy


From 2011 to 2014, singer/author/composer PJ Harvey and photographer Seamus Murphy traveled through Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Washington, D.C., continuing a collaboration begun with the album Let England Shake. There Seamus Murphy collected images (photo and video) marked by an aesthetic developed since the 1990s in his work as a photojournalist; PJ Harvey collected words that would nourish poems and songs. 

They go beyond simple reporting; they set conflicts in a context, both wide-ranging and manifold, which includes recording reality, representing it, and putting it into perspective through poetic texts.

They are gestures, ways of exploring the real, of experiencing it and performing it, in order to share it with the other side of the world.

Exhibition: "YVES SAINT LAURENT" - Pierre & Alexandra Boulat / 26.08.23 / 20:00 / Kosova National Museum /

EXHIBITION – “YVES SAINT LAURENT” – Pierre & Alexandra Boulat 

Is an exclusive exhibition that will be opened in the National Museum of Kosova.
Alexandra Boulat was one of the founding members of the VII Photo Agency. The VII Academy in Arles, France, is named in her honor. This exhibit showcases the work she and her father did covering Yves Saint Laurent over nearly four decades. Pierre Boulat produced his first story on Yves Saint Laurent for LIFE magazine in 1962 when the designer created the first fashion collection under his name. This 12-page cover took a month to make and began a long association. This culminated when Alexandra Boulat took over from her father and photographed Yves Saint Laurent’s 1998 FIFA World Cup presentation for the Paris match.

Exhibition: "River Drini" by Ferdi Limani / 28.08.23 / 19:00 /
Kosova National Library


EXHIBITION – “River Drini” by Ferdi Limani / 28.08.23 / 19:00 / National Library /

Welcome to the “River Drini” Photography Exhibition, showcasing the remarkable work of the renowned photographer Ferdi Limani. This exhibition offers a captivating journey along the 122-kilometer-long route of the Drini river, the longest river within the territory of Kosovo.

Originating from its serene spring nestled in mount Zhleb near the village of Radac in the municipality of Peja, the Drini river embarks on a tranquil and meandering path, encompassing the beauty and essence of the landscapes it encounters. Remarkably, this watercourse travels its course without intersecting any major towns within the region of Dukagjin.

What lends the Drini its unique character is its capacity to embrace the smaller tributaries and rivers that flow into its waters. This journey of unity culminates in its convergence with the Drini i Zi, or the “Black Drin,” adjacent to Kukes in northern Albania. The river’s narrative is one of unity, a collection of smaller stories seamlessly merging into a grand composition.

The Drini’s journey commences just after its emergence from the mountains, meeting the river Istog in the village of Zllakuqan. It continues to weave its way through the landscape, encountering the river Klina near the town of Klina, followed by Lumbardhi i Pejes in the village of Gremnik. As the story unfolds, we find the river Lumbardhi i Deqanit in Mirusha, and the river Erenik in the village of Gexhe.

The river’s tale grows richer as it encounters Lumbardhi i Prizrenit in the village of Muradem, just outside the historical town of Prizren. This narrative culminates in the union with the Drini i Zi in Kukes, an end that marks both a closure and a beginning.

The images displayed in this exhibition are captured in striking black and white, a choice that serves to emphasize the inherent beauty and timeless quality of the landscapes traversed by the river. These monochromatic glimpses echo the river’s ever-flowing nature, its unwavering journey through time.

We invite you to immerse yourselves in the essence of the Drini river, as interpreted through the lens of Ferdi Limani. His artistic prowess, coupled with his acute sensitivity to the landscapes he captures, renders this exhibition a celebration of the river’s journey—a journey of unity, transformation, and continuity.

Presented as a part of the FOTOIST – International Photography Festival, this exhibition invites you to witness the beauty and grandeur of the Drini river, as it navigates its course through the tapestry of Kosovo’s landscapes. Enjoy this visual expedition that bridges the gap between the tangible and the sublime, and captures the very essence of the Drini’s spirit.


Born in 1982 in Prizren, Kosovo. In the late 90’s when his birthplace was in the middle of atrocities, Ferdi realized the importance of documenting history. After journalism studies he began working for daily newspapers in Kosovo and collaborated with international news agencies. His work culminated when he was commissioned by the Government of Kosovo to document the independence declaration. He produced work for various French and international media in Europe, Middle East and the Balkans. Besides his freelance work he is a Getty Images contributor

"Moments" Retrospective Photography Show by Jeton Karahoda / 29.08.23 / 18:00 / Artistët për Artistë Gallery / Ulpiana


RETROSPECTIVE EXHIBITION – “MOMENTS” / 29.08.23 / 18:00 / Artistët për Artistë Gallery /

RETROSPECTIVE EXHIBITION – “MOMENTS” Is a photography retrospective exhibition showcasing the captivating work of a distinguished fine art photographer from New York Jeton Karahoda. This exhibition delves into the evocative series “Lonely Things,” which captures poignant representations of people and their solitude amidst the bustling backdrop of the New York, world’s largest city. Through this collection, we invite you to explore the intricate interplay between individuals and their surroundings, offering a unique perspective on the profound experience of loneliness within the urban landscape, but at the same time going back to roots that anchor us to our past and give a sense of belonging and identity, reminding us of the rich tapestry of history that has shaped who we are. Embracing these elements with openness and curiosity, through his photographs, Jeton allows us to embark on his transformative journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and understanding. As we navigate the complexities of life, it makes us appreciate the diversity of experiences and the profound interconnectedness that binds us all together on this wondrous voyage.
Jeton Karahoda, a talented fine art photographer originally based in New York and now residing in Prishtina, Kosovo, has a remarkable journey that’s reflected in his work. He graduated from the prestigious New York Institute of Photography (NYIP), honing his skills and artistic vision. His photographs in the “Lonely Things” series capture the essence of solitude amid the dynamic urban environment of NYC, providing viewers with a thought-provoking exploration of human connection and isolation.

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